Milan (Main Office)

Via G.Grassi, 1 - scala D
20052 Monza (MB), Italy

Tel +39 338.69.13.885
Fax +39 039 32.5.277



Our professionals are available to assist your business or organization both with your international legal, business and high-level linguistic (English, Italian and Spanish) needs, whether that involves drafting and negotiating a key sales contract, preparing a well-drafted text for a company web site or a business plan, or preparing key correspondence or meetings with a potential business partner abroad. We can also act as your “primary-care” legal services provider for your international legal requirements, working with other trusted specialized professionals as needed on a project-by-project basis. Our professionals are also available to give in-house presentations and seminars on important US, Italian and international legal developments as well as drafting contracts and other documentation in English.

The negative impact of poorly drafted English could cost your organization valuable business opportunities or negatively reflect on its image in the international marketplace, as well as possibly expose it to legal risks. Do not entrust even such “basic” English-language text, such as your organization’s web site or key commercial correspondence, to just anyone. Entrust it to our professionals. Investing in our services will pay dividends in your professional image abroad, your international competitiveness and, ultimately, in your bottom line results.  We also provide our services in Italian and Spanish (and several other languages) for those companies, firms or individuals who are targeting markets where those languages are spoken.

Since we are based in Italy, we can handle all manner of Italy-related projects, acting as your intermediary, as needed, with potential partners, suppliers, clients, or investors.